Workplaces are supposed to be safe. People go to work expecting to earn and living and return home after their shifts. For most people, this is their day in and day out experience. But, all too often, workplace accidents occur that can completely change this scenario.

Workplace accidents can result in serious injuries to New York workers. These injuries can take people away from their jobs and their livelihood. They can also result in large medical expenses and the need for ongoing medical care. This combination of increasing expenses and a lack of income can be devastating for many families. Most people just don’t have the financial capacity to handle these unexpected changes.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation is available in New York to help workers following a workplace injury or accident. Workers’ compensation helps to cover costs associated with workplace accidents. These include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. This compensation is sometimes the only thing that keeps families afloat during this difficult time, and can make the difference between financial ruin and a temporary setback.

However, people need to understand what it takes to qualify for workers’ compensation. Specific notice requirements, paperwork and documentation may be required to qualify for these essential benefits. Strict time limits might also apply. It is important that people understand these technical requirements in order to get the compensation they need.

The attorneys at our law firm are aware of the need for this information. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience helping injured workers and their families. We have helped people understand when they qualify for benefits and how to apply for them. We have taken the worry out of the hands of the family and allowed them to focus on getting back to normal life. For more information about our law firm and workers’ compensation claims in New York in general, please see our workers’ compensation webpage.