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Worker in picket line hit by police officer

Workers in New York can get injured in a variety of situations. There can be risks inside a workplace, a lapse in judgment or heavy machinery that cause injuries. These injuries can happen because of the worker themselves or because of coworkers. The employer’s failure to take proper safety precautions can also cause workplace accidents and injuries.

The importance of hazard classification

Many New York workers work with substances that may be hazardous to their health. In these workplaces, workers may be exposed to many risks as a result of these chemicals. While it may seem like these chemicals should be removed from the workplace, that is not always possible. Instead, safety precautions need to be taken to keep people as safe as possible.

Do nail guns pose safety threats to construction workers?

Construction workers throughout New York use a variety of dangerous tools in order to get the job done. These tools help speed up the construction process and can take away some of the hard work the construction workers would otherwise need to do manually. In fact, some New York construction projects would not be able to get off the ground without the use of heavy machinery.