Many New York workers work with substances that may be hazardous to their health. In these workplaces, workers may be exposed to many risks as a result of these chemicals. While it may seem like these chemicals should be removed from the workplace, that is not always possible. Instead, safety precautions need to be taken to keep people as safe as possible.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has taken steps to try and keep these workers safe. Through hazard identification, chemicals and other dangers in a workplace are classified according to the risks that they present. This is done by identifying the possible risks associated with each chemical or hazardous substance. This is completed after a review of all relevant data available on the chemical in question. The information is then compiled and placed on the label of the chemical to identify its classification.

Then, once the risk has been identified, safety procedures can be mandated for the workplace. By following these procedures, New York workers can be as safe as possible. This reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Hazard classification is just one of the many different things that workplaces in New York need to do to keep workers safe. However, even when these procedures are followed, accidents can still happen. When a workplace injury or accident occurs, workers may have the right to seek compensation. Through workers’ compensation, workers can get their medical bills, lost wages and more paid. An attorney can help New York workers understand their rights when injured by dangerous substances, chemical or some other hazard at work.