There were almost 200,000 job-related nonfatal injuries and illnesses suffered by construction workers in 2018. As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in November 2019, transportation and warehouse workers exceeded that number with more than 221,000 reported cases. 

Based on the BLS figures, about one out of every 25 warehouse and transportation workers may expect to suffer a job-related injury or illness. For construction workers, the 2018 figures point to one out of every 30 workers. These figures exclude injuries and illnesses resulting in death, but they include serious or life-altering work accidents. 

Contract workers may contribute to construction industry injuries 

According to CBS News MoneyWatch, contracted “gig” workers entering the construction field may account for a significant number of worksite injuries. Some non-employee contract workers may not have the necessary degree of experience or training to perform the job properly and safely. 

Companies may also have lax drug or alcohol policies regarding contracted workers. This could result in companies bringing “gig” workers onsite who may have substance abuse issues. Employers are, however, responsible for taking steps to protect their regular employees and their contract workers from injuries. 

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees who suffer work-related injuries 

With a few exceptions, an employee injured on the job can receive benefits through his or her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. To receive benefits, an employee does not need to prove he or she was not at fault for causing the injury or illness. 

Attorney assistance may help process claims and increase benefit amounts 

Employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses can bring legal counsel with them to workers’ compensation hearings. A knowledgeable attorney could also make it easier to navigate what could become a complicated application process. 

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