The thousands of men and women at New York’s construction sites know how strong you have to be to work in this industry. Construction workers continue to top the charts in terms of workplace injuries. Nationwide, falls are the leading cause of employee injuries and even workplace fatalities. OSHA also reports that inappropriate fall protection at a construction site remains one of the top safety violations. 

Yet, with all that danger, the culture of many construction sites is to tough out an injury. In some cases, there is pressure from employers not to report accidents or injuries. In other cases, the outdated idea that it is manlier to suffer through an injury in silence could rob you of the benefits that you deserve. 

Report your accident right away 

In New York, and indeed nationwide, there are timelines that you must follow to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The state of New York requires that you report an injury or accident within 30 days. However, it is always better to report the injury as soon as possible, no matter what caused the accident. Even if you do not file a workers’ compensation claim at that time, it is best to have the report on file in case the injury becomes more serious. 

For injuries that are not immediately apparent, like a strained back that becomes worse over time, you have two years from the start of the disability to file a workers’ compensation claim. 

Go to all doctor’s appointments 

Another stereotypical male mistake is not to follow through on health care. According to workers’ compensation guidelines, claim denial is much more likely if you do not keep up with the treatment your doctor prescribes. Continue to attend any appointments the doctor recommends, and keep up with your health care at home, as well. 

Do not let the strength that makes you a successful in construction get in the way of your workers’ compensation benefits. If you are not sure about your injury situation, a free consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer can help.