Individuals in New York work in a wide variety of industries. Whether a job is physically demanding or not, employees could be working in an environment that presents many risks and dangers. Even when these dangers are not clear or apparent, employees could be subject to serious and life-threatening issues. While employers are required to take steps to ensure workplace safety, whether it is through training, safety equipment or maintenance, if an employer fails to uphold this duty or is negligent, this could result in a serious workplace injury.

Suffering an injury on-the-job is not only unexpected but could also be life-changing. A worker’s life could be completely turned upside-down due to a temporary or permanent disability caused by a workplace accident. At our law firm, we understand the challenges injured workers face. We are dedicated to helping injured workers in the Schenectady area assert their rights following a workplace accident.

Whether you were injured in a workplace accident or developed an injury because of work tasks or repetitive stress, our law firm is prepared to uncover the cause of your injuries, helping you understand what actions you could pursue and how you can offset any damages caused by the incident. Whether it is a back or neck injury, injuries to your limbs, blindness, deafness, an electric shock or burn or a repetitive stress injury, we will work with our clients to collect the necessary medical records and evidence to prove an injury suffered in the workplace.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s workplace injuries website. No one is ever prepared to deal with the physical and financial pain that could result from a workplace injury. Workers who are harmed in the work environment should take the time to become aware of their rights and options. This could help them take timely action to protect their rights and recover necessary compensation.