As a previous post on this blog discussed, while New York’s workers’ compensation process is designed to get a Schenectady, New York, resident back on his or her feet quickly after a workplace accident, sometimes there are disputes between the injured employee, the employer and the employer’s insurance company.

When this happens, someone must make a decision about the right course of action, and this decision is not always in favor of the injured worker. However, if the worker feels that he or she has been unjustly treated on account of that decision, then the workers’ compensation system in New York offers that worker several layers of appeals. In other words, no one who gets a bad result at first during the work comp process should think he or she should just give up.

Our law office represents injured workers in the Schenectady area at all stages of their workers’ compensation claims. While of course we make every effort to gather the right evidence, make solid arguments and give good advice to our clients so that an appeal will not be necessary, having to appeal is sometimes inevitable.

When this happens, our office’s first concern is to make sure we meet all procedural requirements for an appeal, especially deadlines, since not properly understanding and responding to these sometimes technical rules can mean an appeal never gets off the ground. After that, we turn our efforts to showing with legal research and, if allowed, additional evidence how the prior decisions in the case are not correct and why they should be overturned in the injured worker’s favor.