Going through the application process to receive Social Security Disability benefits can be a bit nerve-racking for many people in New York. The circumstances that call for such an application can be trying, but on top of that the actual application process can sometimes be difficult. With approximately 60 percent of all initial applications being rejected by the Social Security Administration, many applicants probably don’t feel like the odds are in their favor. However, for those who are approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits, it can be a huge relief.

Once an application for SSD benefits is approved, the applicant will receive the benefits starting on the sixth month after the disability begins. The date that the disability began is crucial. The Social Security Administration will make a determination as to when this date is. Next, it is important for our readers to know that the benefits that are paid out are done so on what could be called a “month-behind” basis. This means that when benefits are paid out for February, those are actually benefits that are owed to the recipient for the month of January.

One of the biggest questions that an applicant for SSD benefits will have is, “How much will I receive each month”? Unfortunately, there isn’t a uniform answer for every applicant. The amount of each person’s monthly SSD benefit will vary depending on how much the applicant has earned in their working career.

To be placed in a position in which you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits isn’t always the best financial ground. However, with the right information in the initial application, getting approved to receive benefits can be the help you’re looking for.

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