Some government programs stand especially tall as initiatives that are broadly effective in promoting the objectives that spawned them.

We submit that the federal Social Security Disability Insurance program is one such vehicle, with the evidence existing to support its long-sustained efficacy being compellingly clear.

In fact, SSDI stands as a monument to the idea that American workers from New York and every other state who toil for years at their respective workplaces should have a safety net in place.

And that net, as we note on our website at the long-tenured workers’ compensation and SSDI law firm of Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C., in Schenectady, should protect them if they “become disabled through illnesses and injuries that keep them from being able to work.”

Amazingly, bands of critics exist that impugn SSDI, declaiming it as a hand out to American workers and a welfare scheme that needs to be clamped down upon.

That is more than a patently absurd argument. In fact, it is an egregiously cold-hearted and cynical claim, for this very simple reason: SSDI is not a freebie for any person in the country.

If you work for a living, you pay into the SSDI program regularly throughout your working life via tax that is withheld from your paychecks. And you must do so for some time before you are deemed eligible to collect any benefits under the program in the dire event that you need them.

That is a central point that hard-working New Yorkers and their peers across the country need to know.

Our law firm advocates with knowledge and passion on behalf of SSDI claimants, helping them at every step of the process, from application through the appeals process, if that is necessary.

If you are entitled to SSDI benefits, our proven attorneys will help you fight for the compensation you are legally entitled to.

We will focus on the SSDI program in more detail in upcoming blog posts. We welcome readers’ questions and scrutiny, as well as contacts to the firm.