If you were seeking a guide to help you negotiate some serious peaks and trails in the European Alps, would you hire someone from your home town in New York?

Conversely, if you were seeking assistance from a landscape expert regarding what plants and trees you might optimally grow in your yard in Schenectady County or elsewhere in New York, would you hire an expert from … Montana?

The answer to such questions is obvious, of course, to wit: If you are truly seeking the best help you can get relating to a local need or imperative, it simply makes sense to find a long-tenured — that is, seasoned and deeply experienced — professional who knows what is going on in your local area.

In a legal realm marked centrally by complexity and fluidity, that certainly merits enlisting close assistance from a practiced community-based attorney who fully understands and can apply relevant law relating to rules, processes, timing considerations, representation at hearings and on appeal, and related matters.

Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability surely qualify as legal areas where truly experienced local attorneys can make material and singular contributions to clients needing strong advocacy in support of accident and/or injury claims.

At the Schenectady law firm of Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C., our attorneys have collectively been forcefully advocating the best interests of our workers’ comp and SSD clients for many decades.

Candidly, we submit that our local acumen — our familiarity with area medical specialists, the policies and procedures of local administrative judges, the rules applicable to filings, relevant documentation, hearings and appeals and more — often promotes the rights and best interests of individuals and families needing our help.

We are duly proud to play our hard-earned role as advocates for clients who need strong legal assistance to prevail on their claims and get back on their feet.

We welcome readers’ inquiries to the firm and the opportunity to provide all those who need our help with the passionate and focused local assistance they require in the wake of personal injuries and accidents.