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Beverage delivery hazards and protections

New York workers are employed in a variety of different fields. Many of these occupations are very physically demanding. Over time, repetitive, physical tasks can put a strain on a person's body. They can cause a variety of serious and long term injuries that can make it difficult to work.

People may only think of dangerous jobs, like construction work, when they think about workplace injuries. However, much more common jobs also result in these types of repetitive injuries. For example, beverage delivery jobs can result in serious injuries and pain for workers unless proper precautions are taken.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are many risks to beverage delivery. But, there are also steps that can be taken to minimize these risks.

For example, repeatedly bending at the torso can cause long term stress injuries. OSHA claims that these can be reduced if proper lifts are used to eliminate the need for so much bending. Additionally, using certain types of hand trucks can also help to eliminate issues.

Another risk of beverage delivery can come from the angle in which people much haul the beverages. By taking precautions -- such as using a hand cart with a third wheel -- employers can help to keep employees injury free.

There are many safety regulations in place at the state and federal levels. These regulations are meant to prevent common injuries to workers in types of occupations. When these regulations are ignored, workers may have the right to take legal action or receive compensation. Workers' compensation, for example, is often available to New York workers hurt on the job. An attorney can help ensure that people get what they deserve following a dangerous workplace accident.

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