Construction sites in New York can be extremely dangerous. Even under the best conditions, construction equipment is large and comes with the potential for accidents. Even when the equipment is being used correctly and safety procedures are in place, construction sites just have inherent risks.

These risks must be minimized through the use of proper safety procedures. New York state and federal laws both have protections against construction site accidents. They set minimum standards that employers must meet in order to keep workers safe. These standards outline how employees must be trained, the safety equipment that must be used and other aspects of working on the construction site.

When these laws are not followed, there is increased potential for construction site accidents. Workers who are injured in these accidents can suffer from a variety of lifelong effects. In particular, these employees may find it difficult to return to the workplace. They may suffer other expenses as they recover as well.

In many cases, it is important for construction workers to take legal action following the accident. With the help of an attorney, workers can get the financial compensation they need to move forward from a construction site accident. Our attorneys understand the importance of this compensation to New York families. We also understand the responsibility that employers have in keeping workers throughout the state safe.

The legal process is not always easy. Our attorneys can help individuals walk through this process while they recover. In order for people to focus on the recovery, our attorneys will gather the evidence necessary and file the legal case. With our help individuals can hold all responsible parties liable for their injuries. For more information on our law firm and construction site accidents in New York, please see our construction accidents webpage.