Workers in New York need to know that they will be safe when they go to work. If people don’t feel safe, they won’t be able to work effectively. However, many individuals go to work when safety guidelines are not properly followed. They risk their health and well-being in order to collect their paycheck. This unfortunate reality has led to many injuries, and even deaths, throughout the state.

Sadly, another worker was recently injured in New York when safety guidelines were not followed. According to reports, a construction worker was recently injured in a workplace accident. The worker was 10 feet underground working on an apartment complex when the excavated area partially collapsed.

In the collapse, the worker’s leg was crushed. Rescue workers freed the man and took him to a local hospital for treatment. Following the construction accident, inspectors from the state claimed that the sides of the hole were not properly secured. Had safety guidelines been followed, this accident may have been avoided.

When a worker is injured in New York, that worker has legal rights. Not only will the employer face consequences, but the worker may be entitled to compensation. Through the worker’s compensation system, the individual may be entitled to a variety of benefits. These benefits can include compensation for medical expenses related to the accident and any necessary treatment. Additionally, individuals may be entitled to lost wages for the time away from work as they heal. These benefits can be extremely important for individuals who are hurt at work.

It is important for New Yorkers to understand these benefits and when they are entitled to them. Individuals should act quickly following a workplace accident to ensure these rights are secured.

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