New York workers put themselves at risk in many situations. Many people may not see their office jobs as being dangerous, but people may be surprised to learn how many workplace accidents really occur throughout the state. When these accidents happen, employees may ask how they could have been prevented.

Often, safety regulations have been ignored that have led to the workplace accident. State and federal worker safety laws have been enacted in order to try and avoid situations where workers are injured. However, it’s often up to employers to implement and follow these workplace safety rules.

For example, some workplace accidents can be prevented if employees are wearing the proper safety equipment. It is not usually an employee’s job to provide the safety equipment. Instead, it is the employer’s responsibility. When employers fail to provide safety equipment it is the workers who suffer the injuries.

When these accidents or injuries occur, employers are also often the ones who are responsible for paying for the damages. They generally do this through worker’s compensation. Every worker in New York should understand his or her rights to worker’s compensation. Most employers in New York are required to hold insurance for every employee. These benefits can then be used to help cover expenses caused by the workplace accident.

Many employers, however, fail to follow these simple rules. Our law firm understands just how devastating a workplace accident can be. An injured worker can suffer serious financial and physical harm as a result of an employer’s failure to follow safety rules. Our firm has experience working hard to hold employers responsible.

Our dedicated attorneys have experience in applying for worker’s compensation benefits. While employees focus on their recovery, our attorneys and dedicated staff have focused on the legal cases. By concentrating on the details, our attorneys attempt to get the best possible outcome. For more information about our law firm and how we have helped those injured at work, please see our workers’ compensation website.