A New York accident can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes, accidents are minor, and other times they result in serious injuries. New York workplaces are no exception to these rules. Workplace accidents occur all the time and can result in harm to employees.

Like accidents that occur outside of the workplace, workplace accidents can often be prevented with a bit of care and by taking certain precautions. By following safety regulations and procedures, for example, workplaces can become safer for employees.

In an effort to reduce work-related injuries and keep workers’ compensation costs at a minimum, New York has implemented the Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program. Under this program, certain employers are required to meet with trained consultants. These consultants inspect a particular workplace, and look for safety issues. The consultant can identify potential hazards and create policies to help minimize the risk for employees.

Following the consultation, employers must take action to correct safety issues. According to the New York State Department of Labor, employers have 30 days from the receipt of the consultation to submit a written report to the Department of Labor. The written report should include how they plan to remedy issues discovered by the consultant, when the problems will be fixed and the names of anyone helping to fix the situation. They will then have six months to complete all the remedial action.

The New York Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program only applies to certain employers. Employers who have an experience rating of higher than 1.2 and a payroll greater than $800,000 will generally be required to follow these rules.

Employers and employees should understand the safety rules that apply to their workplace. An attorney can help to explain these rules and take action to protect those injured on the job.