The death of a loved one can leave a New York family in turmoil. There is often a strong emotional response, even when a death is expected. However, in cases of a sudden death, family members may not even know how to emotionally respond to the death of their beloved. There can be feelings of sadness, anger and regret.

If the person’s death was sudden, these feelings can be mixed with worries about the family’s financial future. If the deceased was the primary wage earner in the family, those left behind may fear financial ruin. They may not know how they are going to pay their bills or support their family.

These financial concerns and emotional worries should not fall solely on those left behind after a fatal workplace accident. If workplace injuries led to a worker’s death, the family can seek legal help. The workers’ compensation system in New York is meant to protect injured workers and their families. Workers’ compensation allows families to collect compensation for injuries suffered at work. This could include the repayment of medical expenses or lost wages.

With the help of an attorney, people can exercise these rights. The compassionate attorneys at our law firm can help with some of the burdens caused by the accident. Our attorneys are experienced with the workers’ compensation system and its complexities. While a family works on its emotional healing, we can move a case forward to ensure that a family is not left to suffer. Our attorneys will work with families to make sure they get the compensation they need. Families have suffered enough following a workplace accident, and filing for benefits should not add to their burden.

When a workplace accident results in fatal injuries, legal action should be taken. Strict deadlines can apply, so families should seek legal advice quickly. For more information on workplace deaths, please see our wrongful death webpage.