In a recent article, this blog discussed the case of a New York construction worker that was killed when a buried in collapsing dirt. In that case, the worker, could not be saved by doctors even after rescuers were able to retrieve him from the hole where he had been working.

Construction workers, like the man killed in this recent accident, are no strangers to dangerous working conditions. They work with dangerous equipment and in dangerous environments all the time. This is part of their everyday reality.

However, these workers should also expect that their employers are taking steps to protect them from harm. Proper safety measures should be taken in order to keep workers safe. This may include properly supporting the walls of a large hole, providing a harness to workers to prevent fall injuries or providing proper training on large equipment. In many cases, these requirements are not just recommended, but are required by state and federal laws.

As injured construction workers know, however, many times employers fail to take these measures seriously. They ignore safety rules, regulations and recommendations. Workers are left to deal with the consequences.

In New York, when an unsafe working environment causes an accident, workers are entitled to certain legal protections. These protections can include the right to workers’ compensation. With the help of an attorney, injured workers can protect their rights. Our law firm, in particular, understands the intricate requirements for the injured following a construction site accident.

For more than 70 years, attorneys at our law firm have helped injured New Yorkers. We know how important workers’ compensation can be and, yet, how difficult it can be to obtain. We can help people file the appropriate notice with their employers and the insurance companies to get people the money they need.

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