A workplace injury or accident can have a devastating effect on a New York family, especially when the injuries result in a fatality. Families may have to deal with the emotional and financial pain that comes from suddenly losing a loved one. These people may not know how they are going to make ends meet as they try to pick up the pieces following the accident.

One New York family may be dealing with many of these emotions following a recent incident. In this case, a 38-year-old employee of a New York Home Depot was killed while at work. According to reports, the man was shot by a fellow employee while working. The other man — a 31-year-old — then turned the gun on himself.

Police claim that the incident occurred after the 31-year-old was passed up for a promotion at the store. The 38-year-old was given the position instead. Further, the police say that the 38-year-old manager had just punished the 31-year-old for being rude to him in the shift before the shooting. Reports also claim that the two were arguing before the shots were fired.

Following the shooting, the 38-year-old was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The other man died on the scene.

When a worker is killed at work, under any circumstances, workers’ compensation may be available for the worker’s family. This compensation can help cover lost wages and other expenses caused by the worker’s death. However, a family should make sure to know all their legal rights following a fatal workplace accident. In some cases, if negligence on behalf of another played a role in causing the death, a personal injury suit may be more appropriate.

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