Construction zones can be dangerous places if people do not have proper safety training. With the heavy equipment, dangerous tools and unpredictable environments construction workers can easily get hurt. These injuries can range from minor to severe. In some cases, fatal accidents occur on construction sites, even when safety precautions are taken.

In a recent New York accident, a construction worker in his 40s was killed in a construction accident. According to reports, the man had been working as part of a crew doing work on a local school. The man was working on an elevator shaft while wearing a safety harness. However, the safety harness was not connected to a lifeline and the man fell five stories down the elevator shaft.

Other construction workers heard a loud noise and discovered the worker. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but died from his injuries. Other workers insist that the site was safe and that safety training occurred. However, the construction site has been shut down by the Department of Buildings while the accident is investigated.

While safety training and regulations can go a long way to prevent accidents, they won’t stop every construction accident. Workers that are hurt in these types of accidents need to be aware of their legal rights. In particular, workers need to be aware of their right to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can help to cover expenses caused by the accident. These expenses include lost wages, medical expenses and more.

These same benefits may be available to the families of workers who are killed in construction accidents. This compensation can ensure that people can focus on their physical and emotional healing following a serious workplace accident.

Source: CBS New York, “Worker Dies After 5-Story Plunge Down Elevator Shaft In Queens,” June 5, 2014