Even with the many OSHA regulations and safety requirements that employers are expected to abide by, the fact remains that construction sites are dangerous work environments. Though perhaps not as dangerous as they once were — technological advances and increased regulation has increased the safety of such environments — construction site accidents are still a reality and they can be fatal. When a worker or a loved one is involved in such an accident, victims and their families have rights.

Tragically, a construction worker was killed in a recent accident in New York. On a Monday afternoon, the worker fell from a 10-story office building in Manhattan. According to authorities, the worker came to rest on scaffolding that was 25 feet above the building.

Police had to redirect traffic from the street from the street where the accident occurred. People in a second story window were seen looking at the scaffolding. The area in which the man fell is part of several major construction zones, one of which includes a development project being built over rail tracks in the area. Detectives were conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident.

What’s more, according to a spokesperson for the fire department there was another person who was hospitalized. This person complained of chest pains.

Whether a worker is killed or injured in a construction accident, the employer may be found liable. The extent to which an employer is responsible depends on a number of factors. With an attorney, it is often possible to determine how much is owed a victim or a victim’s family in workers’ compensation. Though compensation can never undo the tragedy that occurred, it can sometimes help to alleviate some of the financial burden.

Source: NBC New York, “Construction Worker Killed in Fall From Manhattan Building: NYPD,” April 15, 2014