People who work for the government go to work each day hoping to get their job done. While some government jobs in New York are dangerous — like police officers and fire fighters — they still hope to make it home in one piece. Unfortunately, sometimes workplace accidents and, subsequently workplace injuries can effect New York’s government workers.

In a recent case, a New York Port Authority police officer was hit by a car. In this case, a 25-year-old man is accused of a motor vehicle violation near the Holland Tunnel. The Port Authority officer tried to stop the man’s car as he entered the tunnel. However, the man refused to stop and ran over the officer, who was on foot at the time. A second officer then tried to stop the car but was also unsuccessful. Both officers were injured in the incident.

Eventually, the man got stuck in traffic in the tunnel and other Port Authority officers were able to arrest the man. He is now facing several criminal charges.

The officers in this case were lucky to have only suffered non-life threatening injuries. However, it is likely that these injuries still required medical attention and may force the officer off the job for some period of time.

In situations, like this one, where government employees are injured on the job, workers’ compensation is available to help pay for the expenses of the workplace injuries. Like private employees, government entities carry workers’ compensation insurance so that employees are covered in case of a workplace accident. This compensation can help government employees return to work without financial burdens caused by an accident.

Source: WABC, “Port Authority police officer hit by SUV near Holland Tunnel,” Sept. 30, 2013