Construction workers across the state of New York have dangerous jobs. They do things other people can’t in order to build all around the state. These jobs generally require great physical strength and a knowledge of many different trades. People work while exposed to the elements and in dangerous locations. Under these conditions, construction accidents can easily occur, and when they do workers often suffer grave injuries.

A new report claims that some construction workers are put in more dangerous positions than others. According to this report, Latino and immigrant construction workers are more likely to be severely injured or killed while working on a construction site compared with other workers. The report shows that between 2003 and 2011, 74 percent of the construction workers who were killed on the job in New York were either immigrants or U.S. born Latinos despite the fact that only 41 percent of construction workers identify as Latino.

Some speculate that the risk of injury is higher for Latino workers because smaller, non-union jobs are more likely to hire day laborers. They are also more likely to ignore safety regulations, fail to provide the safety equipment that is required by law and provide little training. Furthermore, these workers are too afraid of losing their jobs to report safety violations.

Under these conditions, it is easy to see why construction accidents could occur. When employers do not take proper precautions in any job, workplace accidents can happen. Latino construction workers should know that workers’ compensation may be available after a construction accident. These accidents can be devastating to workers and their families. Workers’ compensation can help pay for expenses that can arise as a result of the accident including lost wages and medical expenses.

Source: New York Daily News, “EXCLUSIVE: Latino, immigrant construction workers more likely to die on job in NYC: study,” Erica Pearson, Oct. 24, 2013