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January 2013 Archives

New York roofing company faces fine for safety violations

In order to keep workers from being exploited by their employers, the federal government has enacted laws regulating employers conduct. Parts of these laws are safety regulations that help to prevent a workplace accident. These safety regulations ensure that employers are doing what they can to keep their employees safe. However, not every employer chooses to abide by these laws.

Governor proposes changes to workers' compensation

In New York, employees who are injured in a workplace accident are entitled to have expenses from the accident paid for. Under the workers' compensation system, damages including medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitative costs are covered.

Workers hurt after 4 story fall in New York construction accident

Despite the fact that safety regulations have been enacted to help keep construction workers safe, accidents still happen. Construction accidents can be devastating for the workers and their families. Workers can suffer serious injuries leading to temporary or permanent disability. These injuries can make it difficult for these workers to continue providing for their families.

New York firefighters injured on the job

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere. No matter how safe employers try to make their workplaces, some jobs just have inherent risks. This is true for those who work for private companies and for many government workers. In either case, a workplace accident can leave an injured worker unable to work and with large medical bills. For government workers and for private employees, workers' compensation is available to help cover these expenses.

Worker injured in New York car crash, second worker killed

Not all workers actually work in an office or factory. Sometimes, people are required to travel for their jobs and others constantly work in new locations. However, workplace injuries can happen no matter where a New York employee is working. When injuries occur away from the central office, often employees still a right to be compensated for their injuries. If the injury happened as a result of a person's employment then the person is generally entitled to workers' compensation.