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November 2012 Archives

Osha suggests changes for New York retailers this holiday season

With the holiday season now here in New York, many people are occupied with buying gifts for their loved ones. On Black Friday, in particular, many people are willing to brave the cold, long lines and massive crowds just for the chance of getting the perfect gift. What many people may not think about is the burden placed on retail workers during this time.

New York Workers' Compensation Board proposes changes

When government workers go to their place of work, they expect that they will be safe. However, accidents can still happen even under the safest of conditions. These accidents can leave an employee with medical debt and unable to work. In these situations, workers' compensation is available to help government employees in New York that have been injured in a workplace accident.

Sandy causes construction accident in New York -- no one hurt

Hurricane Sandy left a lot of destruction in its path after hitting the Eastern United States in late October. Many areas in New York, and in several surrounding states, have been devastated. Now that the storm has cleared, the massive cleanup must begin. In many cases, towns, cities and homes need to be rebuilt by construction crews. With this increased construction and the pressure to rebuild quickly, there may be an increased possibility for construction accidents.

Worker entitled to workers' compensation after stress at work

New York work environments can be dangerous- everyone knows construction zones and certain factories have inherent physical risks to workers. In these environments, workplace accidents can easily occur if proper safety precautions are not taken. When a workplace accident occurs, workers' compensation is available to help cover expenses incurred by the injury, including medical costs and lost wages.