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October 2012 Archives

Worker's compensation hard to receive for some New Yorkers

Workers in Schenectady County often have to deal with work costs they did not expect, be it travel expenses, higher union fees or simply when a toll on a road is increased. However, when a worker sustains a workplace injury, worker's compensation is often not only difficult to obtain to cover the costs of living, but requires having to jump through many bureaucratic hoops just to get it. And then the injured worker faces an uphill battle getting a physician to treat them.

Worker's finger amputated in workplace accident - employer fined

An injury suffered at work can have devastating effects for a person. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, the injury can pose a threat to a person's quality of life. In some situations, workplace injuries in New York can leave a person permanently disabled and unable to return to work. When employees become permanently disabled, those employees still need to be able to provide for their livelihood. Workers' compensation is available to help those injured workers who are unable to work by paying for medical expenses and lost wages.

New York construction company fined by OSHA after worker killed

Construction sites do not have to be dangerous. When proper safety procedures are followed, construction accidents can be avoided. However, all too often, employers believe they can get away with not following safety rules and regulations. In these situations, construction sites can become hazardous places for workers and those near the site.

Club fails to pay workers' compensation insurance - shut down

Federal and state regulations protect workers from unsafe working conditions. When accidents do happen, workers' compensation is available to help cover the costs incurred by the accident. In some situations, New York employers choose not to carry workers' compensation insurance and are unable to pay for their employee's medical conditions. In these situations, the employers can face a variety of punishments.

New York company fined for willful violations of OSHA regulations

Employers have certain federal and state safety rules and regulations that they must obey. These laws are in place to prevent workplace accidents and to keep employees safe. Furthermore, these safety regulations are important to ensure that employers do not take advantage of employees. Employees have a right to go to work without fear of being injured.

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