Construction work can be dangerous. However, the pressure to finish a project quickly or the lack of safety precautions can make dangerous work even more hazardous. In these types of situations, construction accidents are likely.

Recently a construction worker was seriously injured after falling from the 3 World Trade Center building in New York City. According to the Port Authority and fire departments, the 36-year-old man fell 15 feet before reaching the ground. The man was taken to a local hospital. It is believed that he suffered a head injury and broke both of his arms in the fall. Officials at the constructions site claim that all safety and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations were being followed at the time of this workplace injury.

This injury is just one in a string of construction accidents that have recently plagued the construction at the World Trade Center complex. Back in June, another construction worker was injured in a fall. In that case, the man fell six feet. He broke two ribs and bruised his liver in the construction accident.

Furthermore, there were two incidents at 4 World Trade Center where cranes caused damage. In one, a crane dropped a load of steel and thereby crushed a truck. In another, a crane smashed windows on the building, which sent glass flying into the street and construction site. Thankfully, no one was hurt in these accidents.

Even with safety regulations being followed, these accidents might signal the time pressure workers are under to complete these monumental buildings. While New York residents wait for the World Trade Center buildings to reopen, the workers still need to be protected from harm.

Those that have suffered injuries, like the man in this case, deserve proper care, treatment and compensation. Workers’ compensation could be available to help this man and others who suffer injuries in construction accidents.

Source: The Huffington Post, “3 World Trade Center Accident: Construction Worker In Serious Condition After Fall,” Aug. 29, 2012