Most New York residents wake up each morning, head to work and expect to safely return home each evening. However, not every worker has this luxury. Many are subjected to dangerous work environments where workplace accidents can easily occur.

When there are workplace accidents, there is the risk for workplace injuries to employees. An injured worker can suffer neck and back injuries, electric shock, chemical burns, inhalation diseases and even post-traumatic stress disorder. In some workplace accidents, injured workers can be so badly hurt that they die from their workplace injuries.

One group in neighboring Pennsylvania recently held a memorial to remember some of those workers who have been killed in a workplace accident. The memorial ceremony has been held every year on the anniversary of the passing of the Occupational Safety and Health Act since 1971. This law created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which regulates and enforces workplace safety laws, standards and training procedures.

During the memorial, three deceased workers were honored. Each of the men was killed on the job last year. The service was a way to remember their lives and ensure that the men are not forgotten by the community.

The keynote speaker at the memorial, the current York County Commissioner, also stressed the importance of the workplace safety laws. He mentioned that some members of Congress want to change the laws, and what a mistake these changes could be.

Workplace safety laws protect New Yorkers from suffering from a workplace accident by creating safety standards for employers to follow. Furthermore, they force employers to compensate those workers who are injured on the job.

Source: York Daily Record, “Fallen workers honored in York” Emily Opilo, April 28, 2012