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Workplace Injuries Archives

OSHA postpones rule on safety reporting

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is giving employers more time to comply with a new rule which would require employees to report workers' injuries in electronic format. Although employers were expected to start electronic reporting on July 1 of this year, OSHA has given no indication of when it will expect electronic reports.

New York construction boss charged in workplace death

An owner of a construction firm in the state of New York now finds himself accused of manslaughter because he failed to help his employees secure a retaining wall even after he had been warned that the wall was not safe. After the boss ignored the warning, the wall collapsed, inflicted a fatal on-the-job injury upon an 18-year-old worker, and also hurt two more of the boss's employees.

If I get hurt at work, is workers' compensation all I can get?

Even when safety precautions are taken in Schenectady, New York, residents who go to work daily are often in many ways risking their lives and health. Particularly for those who work in manual or inherently dangerous occupations, like in construction or manufacturing, the reality is that employees may suffer serious workplace injuries from an accident that would have happened even if they exercised the utmost care in their work.

4 common questions about work-related injuries

Getting hurt on the job can have a significant impact on both your ability to do your work and on your day-to-day life. There can be assistance available, however. If your injury or illness is work-related, you likely qualify for workers' comp, as long as you meet the other requirements. Although it might seem simple for an injury or illness to be work-related, there are gray areas. If you are wondering whether your injury or illness qualifies you for workers' compensation benefits, keep reading below for answers of common questions.

What are the causes of the most common workplace injuries?

Many people probably have preconceived notions about what some of the most common workplace injuries are. Some will probably point to the construction and industrial sectors as the types of jobs that produce the most workplace injuries, so they might believe that accidents involving machinery or power tools are the most common causes on-the-job injuries. So, what are some causes of the most common workplace injuries?

Construction worker suffers leg injury after fall

Working in an industry like construction has certain perks and benefits. However, one major downside to working in the construction industry is the high risk of injury that many face while performing tasks on the job. Most construction workers face dangers such as heights, heavy machinery and other inherently dangerous situations on a daily basis. One such New York construction worker suffered a workplace injury while working on a project in Chelsea.

Basic facts about brain injury

One of the most serious and hardest to treat injuries that American workers face is traumatic brain injury. That's because brain injuries often go undetected at first, and their full effects are rarely known until the body has had time to process the trauma and begin healing. Only then, after the brain has had a chance to rebalance itself, does it become clear exactly which long-term effects individuals are dealing with.

Two transit workers involved in fatal workplace accident

Many people in New York are employed at jobs where there is a minimal expectation of a possibility of a serious workplace accident occurring. Some people sit at a desk all day, while others might be on the phone or working in the service industry. For these employees, workplace injuries are rare. However, workers in other jobs face the daily possibility of being involved in a fatal workplace accident.