For many New Yorkers, their jobs pose very little danger. Therefore, they aren’t constantly worried about what to do if a workplace accident occurs. In fact, people may not realize all the ways that they can be injured while at work or the real danger they are in.

However, without a plan in place, dealing with a workplace injury can be very difficult following an accident. People may not know where to turn or how to get the benefits they need.

According to New York State Workers Compensation Board, the first thing people should do if they get sick or hurt at work is to seek medical attention. A doctor must be authorized by the Workers Compensation board in order to complete diagnostic tests. However, if it is an emergency, then any doctor is acceptable. Seeing a doctor is important because the practitioner will be able to document a particular issue and provide evidence of the issue. Following a doctor’s treatment plan is also important to ensure the quickest possible recovery.

After people have obtained medical help, people need to make sure they notify their employer of the accident or injury. If people fail to notify their employer of the injury in writing within 30 days, then they could lose their right to workers’ compensation.

Finally, people should apply for workers’ compensation benefits. In order to do this, people need to fill our specific forms and provide evidence of the injury. People may be asked to get an independent medical evaluation or show up to hearings during the application process.

By following these steps, people can rest assured that they have done their part following a workplace accident. However, things don’t always go this smoothly. In some cases, people may need to contact an experienced professional to get the workers’ compensation benefits they need.