Recently, a New York construction worker was injured while building a grocery store. According to reports, the worker was placing concrete 25 feet below ground level when he hit himself with a hose. Firefighters were called and were able to rescue the worker following the 11:30 a.m. injury. The man was taken to a local hospital. He was listed in stable, but serious condition.

Following the workplace injuries, an investigation of the worksite was completed by the New York City Department of Buildings. According to the DOB, there were safety violations found at the construction site. Therefore, the DOB issued violations including for failing to safeguard property during construction and for failing to safeguard persons.

Safety violations, like those found at this workplace, can create obvious hazards for employees. Employers are responsible for making sure that all safety rules are being followed at all times to keep people safe. However, even when safety regulations are followed, workplace accidents still occur that can lead to injuries. In some cases, workers even cause the injuries themselves.

No matter how a workplace injury occurs — whether the employee or the employer creates the hazard — employees should not suffer financial harm as a result. Therefore the workers compensation system is available to help cover the costs that accrue as a result of workplace injuries. Medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and more can all be covered by workers compensation.

Therefore, New York workers need to understand their rights to workers compensation following a workplace injury. They should not suffer the burden of the injury alone.

Source: Commercial Observer, “Worker Injured at W’burg Whole Foods Construction Site [Updated],” Jennifer Henderson, June 24, 2014