An injury is possible in most of life’s activities. People can easily have accidents that cause injuries. However, the situation is usually a little different when a New York resident is injured at work. One, depending on the nature of the job, they may be placed at higher risk of serious injuries in the workplace. Two, people may not have control to stop an injury that occurs in the workplace.

Recently, two New Yorkers were injured on the job while working aboard a commuter train. In this case, the injured workers were just starting to operate the train for the day for the Staten Island Railway. According to reports, at around 6:36 a.m. the train hit a bumper at a station. This caused one of the train cars to derail and lead to the injuries.

Following the accident, the workers were taken to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries. Reports claim that the injuries were only minor. An investigation has been opened to determine why the accident occurred in the first place.

While these workers were lucky in that their injuries were only minor, many other New York workers suffer from much more serious workplace injuries. In these cases, workers can be left with mounting medical expenses while they are unable to work.

During their recovery, and beyond, workers should not have to worry about the financial ramifications of a workplace accident or injury. Instead, workers’ compensation may be available to help cover the expenses — including lost wages — suffered by the worker. This compensation can be critical for employees who are trying to recover from a serious or life-threatening injury, but it can also be helpful even for those with more minor workplace injuries.

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