The legal process offers different options and resources for surviving family members of a loved one lost in a fatal workplace accident. A sanitation worker recently died a few hours south in the New York City area when he was pinned by a street sweeper. The workplace accident occurred when the worker was working on his own street sweeping vehicle and was hit and killed by another street sweeper. Although an investigation is underway, the other street sweeper apparently did not see the victim. The 43-year old worker had been with the department for 15 years and had a wife and four children.

Following the unexpected loss of a love one, families can face overwhelming emotional and financial challenges. This can be especially true when the lost loved one was the primary source of income and support for the family. Because of this, family members may have different options to provide compensation for the loss. Both worker’s compensation and wrongful death claims may help the family recover oftentimes much-needed compensation for the harm.

Surviving family members of a loved one wrongfully lost in a fatal workplace accident may wish to seek a wrongful death claim for damages and the harm suffered. Depending on the circumstances, and characteristics of the victim, family members may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of support and services and the lost prospect of inheritance, among other types of damages.

Because of the extensive nature of damages following a fatal workplace accident, the legal system provides different options and resources for families to consider. The legal process seeks to assist families with the aspects of a fatal workplace accident it is able to offer assistance with.

Source: New York Post, “Worker dies after being pinned under street sweeper,” Erin Calabrese, June 22, 2014