New York police officers often risk their lives to help others. In the process, these officers can sustain serious injuries.

Recently, a car accident led to injuries for two New York police officers. According to reports, the officers were in an unmarked car in pursuit of criminal activity. While in pursuit, the car hit a church van carrying passengers. As a result of the collision, the two vehicles started on fire.

Witnesses to the accident — locals in the neighborhood — rushed to the scene to help people out of the vehicles. Since the officers were in an unmarked car, none of them knew the accident involved police officers. Thankfully, the church van’s occupants were able to get out of the vehicle on their own. But neighbors removed the officers from the car. Following the incident, the occupants of the church van and the officers were taken to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries. Reports claim that the injuries were not life-threatening and everyone involved should recover.

Workplace accidents, like this one, are common for many of New York’s governmental workers. Police officers, postal workers, firefighters, sanitation workers and more all experience dangers on the job that can lead to injuries. When these injuries happen on the job, government workers deserve the best treatment possible. By seeking medical attention, these works have the best chance at returning to work again.

However, medical care is not cheap. And, it takes time to recover from even minor injuries. Lost wages and medical expenses can quickly pile up following a workplace accident. If this is the case, governmental workers should know that they have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation may help these workers recover costs arising from the accident including lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and more.

Source: CBS New York, “Good Samaritans Rush To Help NYPD Officers Injured In Fiery Brooklyn Crash,” March 26, 2014