Construction workers are sometimes tasked with completing projects in dangerous conditions. They are often the ones who need to repair buildings, roadways and other structures so they are safe for other people. This can mean that construction workers are putting themselves in danger in order to make others safe. Under these conditions, construction site accidents are bound to happen which can easily lead to workplace injuries.

Recently, a home where construction workers were working partially collapsed in New York. According to reports, the workers were warned by neighbors that the building was unsound when they arrived on the job site, yet, work on the project was started. While the exact details of the workplace accident are unknown, reports say that the third floor of the building collapsed while the workers were inside the building. Some of the workers apparently fell from the third floor to the first floor.

In total, the partial collapse lead to injuries for eight workers. However, rescue workers were searching the rubble to ensure that additional victims were not trapped. The extent of the workplace injuries is unknown, but reports claim that the injuries were all non-life threatening.

Construction accidents, like this one, have the potential to lead to very serious, and even deadly, injuries. Workers may be out of work for a long time as they recover. Because of the physical nature of construction work, some injuries may permanently prevent a person from returning to work.

In these cases, workers’ compensation is often necessary for the injured workers. This compensation can ensure that the workers are able to meet their financial obligations while they are away from work. Workers’ compensation can help to cover lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs that occur because of the accident and recovery.

Source: New York Daily News, “Eight construction workers seriously injured when Brooklyn house partially collapses,” Edgar Sandoval and Tina Moore, Feb. 26, 2014