Tragedy can strike New York workers and their families on any given day. Most people may worry about on the job dangers causing a workplace accident that seriously injures or kills them. Therefore, people may do everything they can to keep themselves safe while at work. However, sometimes not everything in a workplace can be controlled by the employee – especially other people. Sometimes these other people’s negligence can cause havoc for a worker and lead to serious injuries.

Recently, a bus driver was killed when a reportedly stolen truck crashed into his bus. The incident reportedly began after 22-year-old man spent the evening out partying with friends. According to reports, the man – who happens to be related to a famous model and actor – was kicked out of a nightclub and a hotel because of his unruly behavior. After being removed from a hotel, the man apparently stole a box truck that was near the hotel making an early morning delivery.

While driving this truck, witnesses claim that he drove through red lights and smashed into the back of an MTA bus. As a result of this impact the bus’s 49-year-old driver was thrown from the bus and landed under the bus which had run into the nearby sidewalk. Unfortunately, the bus driver died on the scene. The 22-year-old man was arrested and charges are pending.

The bus driver’s family is now stuck dealing with the mess caused by the negligence of another person and it can be easy to forget that this is actually a workplace accident. When a New York government employee is injured or killed on the job, that worker’s family should explore their rights to workers’ compensation. This compensation can help a family stay financially afloat while they deal with the tragic consequences of a workplace accident.

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