Workplace hazards can come from a variety of sources. In a recent New York case an odorless, colorless gas is to blame for multiples injuries and a death. According to reports, a carbon monoxide leak at a New York restaurant started with a malfunction of the restaurant’s heating system. Police claim that they were called to the restaurant – which is connected to a local mall – after one of the employees collapsed. Following their arrival many of the rescue workers began to get sick and a carbon monoxide leak was suspected.

In total 28 restaurant employees – including the woman who collapsed – and rescue workers were taken to local hospitals for carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the restaurant’s employees died as a result of the poisoning. However, there was no word on the condition of the woman that collapsed. Reports allege that most of the workers were quickly treated and released, but some stayed hospitalized.

Thankfully, the gas seemed to stay in the basement of the restaurant and therefore no customers were sickened in the incident. However, the restaurant and two connected restaurants were evacuated as a precaution.

Workplace injuries, such as those that occurred in this case, can be difficult for workers. They may suffer long-lasting residual effects from the injury that leave them out of work for long periods of time. In cases where New York workers are involved in a workplace accident, workers’ compensation may be available to cover the expenses caused by the accident. All workers – and their families – should understand their right to workers’ compensation and should fight for those rights after suffering an injury while on the job.

Source: Firehouse, “CO Kills Manager, Sickens 27 at N.Y. Restaurant,” Feb. 23, 2014