New York workers are expected to work in a variety of conditions. Whether it is 50 stories off the ground, on a construction site, in an office building or on a rural road, New Yorkers work to get their jobs done. In the course of these jobs, people are often injured. Workplace accidents happen quickly and can easily endanger the lives of these hard working people.

Recently, a sub-contractor for a New York utility company was injured on the job. While the extent of his workplace injuries is unknown, the man was found unconscious by authorities. According to reports, the man had been working on the side of a road trimming trees from a bucket truck. However, while completing his work, the bucket truck rolled from the road in Canaan, New York and tipped over, trapping the worker. Police and firefighters responded to the accident and worked to free the man. Eventually, he was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment.

Hopefully, this injured worker will recover quickly from his workplace injuries and be able to return to his job. However, many New York workers are not that lucky. Workplace injuries often permanently disable workers and keep them from their workplaces for years. These injuries can impact every part of a worker’s life — even making simple everyday tasks difficult.

In any situation where a worker has to be away from work for a long time, that worker’s family is likely to feel a financial strain. Without income from the job, these workers can be left with extraordinary medical bills, rehabilitative costs and other expenses. Workers’ compensation can be extremely important for these workers. Workers’ compensation will help fill the financial gaps so that the worker can focus on recovery.

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