In almost every workplace, special precautions must be taken in order to help keep workers safe. While some of these precautions might be common sense, others are required under state and federal laws. When these precautions are ignored or poorly executed, people can get hurt. The stakes are particularly high for construction workers since they often work in dangerous conditions with sophisticated equipment.

Even with the slightest oversight, a construction accident can occur and cause serious injuries. In a recent New York case, construction workers were trying to remove a wall on a college campus. During this removal process, something went wrong and the wall collapsed on the workers. According to reports, the workers were trapped in the wall among the steel support beams and insulation for 20 minutes before rescue workers were able to free them. Following the workplace accident, both construction workers were sent to a local hospital. Thankfully, the workers only suffered non life-threatening injuries

New York workers in all fields — including construction — are entitled to compensation following a workplace accident like the one in this case. Workers’ compensation is provided to help ease the financial burden caused by construction accidents.

For example, in this case, since the workers were both transported to a local hospital they may have medical expenses that are not covered by their personal insurance. Without workers’ compensation they may be stuck paying for these expenses on their own. However, if they apply for workers’ compensation, these expenses and others relating to their recovery may be paid for.

Workers should understand, however, that workers’ compensation may not be automatic. Workers need to ensure that they understand their legal rights to compensation and file appropriate claims within the established time limits to receive the benefits they need and deserve.

Source: Your News Now, “Two construction workers hurt after accident at Marist,” March 27, 2013