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Special considerations necessary for tunneling work

In New York, tunneling underground is not uncommon. From transportation to sewers and construction projects, there are many different reasons that require underground work. This work can be extremely dangerous and requires special protections for workers.

Preventing trench collapse for New York workers

Most New Yorkers understand that there are risks associated with construction work. Construction workers often have to put themselves in danger in order to complete the job. However, some situations are unnecessarily dangerous because proper safety protocol is not followed.

Protecting New York construction workers

In a recent article, this blog discussed the case of a New York construction worker that was killed when a buried in collapsing dirt. In that case, the worker, could not be saved by doctors even after rescuers were able to retrieve him from the hole where he had been working.

Construction site collapse kills 1

A construction site can be a dangerous place. Power tools, heavy machinery, unpredictable weather and dangerous locations can all contribute to the dangers faced by a New York construction worker. Despite these natural dangers, construction companies are required under New York and federal safety regulations to make a construction site as safe as possible.

Can my workers' compensation claim be contested?

A workplace accident can leave a New York worker with a lot of decisions to make. These decisions can range from how to get medical treatment to if you can return to work. As you can see, these decisions can have a long lasting effect on your life. One major decision that many workers face after a workplace accident is whether or not to apply for workers' compensation insurance benefits. Through the workers' compensation system, you may be entitled to monetary awards for medical expenses and lost wages relating to a workplace injury.

How long do federal workers' compensation benefits take?

Some federal workers put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. These workers risk their own personal safety in order to get their jobs done. Even for those in relatively safe jobs, workplace accidents occur that can result in serious injuries. Like workers in the private sector, workplace accidents can result in lost wages, time away from the job, medical expenses and other costs.

Explosion injures 3 New York firefighters

When New Yorkers think about government workers, they might think about some worker in an office building moving paperwork for the large bureaucracy. While many government workers do have office jobs that keep government agencies running, others literally risk their lives to fulfill their job obligations. Firefighters fall into this latter category. When on the job, firefighters risk their own safety to help others.

Are there workers' compensation benefits for energy workers?

New York employees work in a wide variety of different jobs. In each unique job, a worker can face a different set of challenges. While some of these challenges are merely mental, many workers face physical tasks that put the workers in danger. In some cases, people are exposed to dangerous conditions for a long enough period of time that they develop occupational disease. These diseases can, in some cases, cost workers their lives.

Workers' compensation cash benefits in New York

New York workers who are injured on the job are likely entitled to workers' compensation. Under New York law, employers are responsible for carrying workers compensation insurance for their employees. This insurance allows those employees that qualify to receive compensation following a workplace accident that results in injuries.

Get the right amount of workers' compensation

When a person cannot work following a workplace accident, expenses can quickly add up. In these situations, every penny counts. People have medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and more that are added to their everyday expenses. Workers' compensation is supposed to provide New York workers with the money they need following an accident. This is often a worker's only source of income in these situations. Needless to say, this money is very important.