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What protective systems can be used to prevent trench collapse?

On many occasions, this blog has described the many dangers faced by New York construction workers. Even in the best situations, construction workers face extreme hazards on the job site. These hazards can cause injuries that keep people from earning a living for years to come. An injured worker can be left with no way to earn an income or support his or her family. Therefore, it is important that construction sites do everything possible to protect workers from serious injuries and death.

Protecting New York construction workers

In a recent article, this blog discussed the case of a New York construction worker that was killed when a buried in collapsing dirt. In that case, the worker, could not be saved by doctors even after rescuers were able to retrieve him from the hole where he had been working.

How long do federal workers' compensation benefits take?

Some federal workers put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. These workers risk their own personal safety in order to get their jobs done. Even for those in relatively safe jobs, workplace accidents occur that can result in serious injuries. Like workers in the private sector, workplace accidents can result in lost wages, time away from the job, medical expenses and other costs.

What steps must be taken to protect workers from asbestos?

In a recent article, this blog discussed the risks of asbestos exposure to New York workers. As that blog post explained, asbestos was a common building material before its health risks were fully understood. It was eventually discovered, however, that asbestos can cause a dangerous cancer and other health issues for workers who breathe in the fibers let off by the material. With the significant risk to workers' health, many New Yorkers may wonder what safety precautions must be taken to protect workers from asbestos exposure.

We fight for New York employees

In a recent blog post, this blog explained that many of New York's workers are covered by workers' compensation laws. As this post explained, this included many governmental employees. Employees in local, state or federal government jobs are often placed in as much risk as those working in the private sector. Their injuries are also just as damaging. No matter if a person is a governmental employee or working for a private business, a workplace accident can be devastating.

Know your rights when workplace safety violations cause injuries

When a workplace accident occurs in New York, the accident will likely be investigated. This investigation will help to determine why the accident occurred and how similar accidents can be prevented in the future. In some cases, people will learn that employee error caused the accident. Sometimes, a momentary lapse in judgment, a mistake or carelessness will cause an injury. But, in many cases, an employer will be responsible for the accident.

What are the common hazards of working with concrete?

Construction workers all over New York State frequently work with concrete. In fact, across the county, 250,000 workers manufacture concrete each year in the U.S. This building material is essential to our way of life and often provides the foundation for our homes, businesses and roadways. Without concrete, the world would be a different place.

We understand the workers' compensation process in New York

People are frequently injured at work in Schenectady, New York, and around the state. People frequently work dangerous jobs that must be performed with precision in order to avoid an injury. When injuries occur, many workers may understand that workers' compensation will help to cover their injuries. However, many workers may find out the hard way that obtaining workers' compensation is not always easy.

New Yorker injured after falling into grave

A New York worker was injured recently following a fall. According to reports, the man -- a grave digger -- fell into a four foot by eight foot hole he was digging. Emergency crews were called to rescue the man, since the deep hole caused a situation where the worker was in a low-oxygen environment and he was only semi-conscious. When the paramedics arrived, one was lowered into the hole to check the man's vitals.

Worker seriously injured after equipment failure

Workplace injuries can happen at any time and result in serious consequences for New York workers. In a recent case, a New York worker suffered an injury while working 100 feet below the ground. The man was working at a subway site between two tunnels. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the man was cleaning concrete when the accident occurred. Apparently, the tool he was using to clean broke and hit him in the leg at around 4:00 p.m.