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New York workers trapped in wall at construction site

In almost every workplace, special precautions must be taken in order to help keep workers safe. While some of these precautions might be common sense, others are required under state and federal laws. When these precautions are ignored or poorly executed, people can get hurt. The stakes are particularly high for construction workers since they often work in dangerous conditions with sophisticated equipment.

New York construction worker killed by falling air conditioner

Construction workers have inherently dangerous jobs. They risk their lives on busy roads and in some cases, they work hundreds of feet above the ground with heavy equipment. Under these circumstances, safety precautions must be taken or a construction accident is likely. When these accidents do occur they often cause serious bodily harm. In some cases, construction accidents are even fatal.

Sandy causes construction accident in New York -- no one hurt

Hurricane Sandy left a lot of destruction in its path after hitting the Eastern United States in late October. Many areas in New York, and in several surrounding states, have been devastated. Now that the storm has cleared, the massive cleanup must begin. In many cases, towns, cities and homes need to be rebuilt by construction crews. With this increased construction and the pressure to rebuild quickly, there may be an increased possibility for construction accidents.

New York construction company fined by OSHA after worker killed

Construction sites do not have to be dangerous. When proper safety procedures are followed, construction accidents can be avoided. However, all too often, employers believe they can get away with not following safety rules and regulations. In these situations, construction sites can become hazardous places for workers and those near the site.

New York construction worker hurt on the job

Construction workers often work in dangerous conditions in order to complete projects that benefit New York. However, just because these workers are in an inherently more dangerous profession, the fact is that if they are hurt while on the job they are still entitled to receive workers' compensation for their injuries.

Following construction accident, contractor's license revoked

Construction sites are often inherently dangerous. Construction workers work with large complicated machines, near speeding traffic or high above the ground. In each of these situations, workers face a high risk of being injured in a construction accident.

Officials play the blame game over New York crane collapse

Recently, a crane collapsed in New York. Investigators claim that a failure of the hoist system in the crane is the suspected cause of the tragic construction accident, which led to one death and three injuries.

Two contractors convicted after 2009 construction accident

Any workplace can become a dangerous one when the proper precautions are not taken to ensure that employees are kept safe. This danger is amplified when there is a construction accident, due to the nature of the equipment often found on construction sites.

World Trade Center construction site accident was a close call

Accidents at job sites can often leave physical scars at the scene, both on people and their surroundings, because of the volatile nature of some machines. Similarly, accidents on construction sites are often amplified because of the sheer weight of the equipment needed to build buildings. And when accidents happen at one of the largest and highest-profile sites around, the results can be devastating.