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Do I get permanent workers' comp benefits if I have a permanent disability? Probably not.

One question we commonly get from seriously disabled workers is whether their workers' compensation benefits will continue indefinitely if their injury is permanent.

New York business faces fine for not paying workers' compensation

Under New York law, businesses have an obligation to pay for workers' compensation insurance. This insurance will help workers receive the compensation they need following a workplace injury. Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory so that funds are available to pay injured workers. When businesses fail to maintain workers' compensation insurance, they are fined by the New York Workers' Compensation Board.

Worker injured in a new workplace accident at World Trade Center

In the past, this blog has highlighted accidents that have occurred at the World Trade Center construction site in New York City. Recently, another workplace accident has been reported at the site. According to reports, a steal plate somehow fell onto a worker. It hit the worker in the head which was protected by a hardhat while he was working as a carpenter.

New York man loses fingers after hand caught in machine

For most people, their hands are very important to their job. However, a person's hands can often be injured during a workplace accident. When workplace injuries limit the full use of people's hands, they may have a hard time doing their job or making a living.

Governor proposes changes to workers' compensation

In New York, employees who are injured in a workplace accident are entitled to have expenses from the accident paid for. Under the workers' compensation system, damages including medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitative costs are covered.

New York construction worker killed by falling air conditioner

Construction workers have inherently dangerous jobs. They risk their lives on busy roads and in some cases, they work hundreds of feet above the ground with heavy equipment. Under these circumstances, safety precautions must be taken or a construction accident is likely. When these accidents do occur they often cause serious bodily harm. In some cases, construction accidents are even fatal.

Osha suggests changes for New York retailers this holiday season

With the holiday season now here in New York, many people are occupied with buying gifts for their loved ones. On Black Friday, in particular, many people are willing to brave the cold, long lines and massive crowds just for the chance of getting the perfect gift. What many people may not think about is the burden placed on retail workers during this time.

New York Workers' Compensation Board proposes changes

When government workers go to their place of work, they expect that they will be safe. However, accidents can still happen even under the safest of conditions. These accidents can leave an employee with medical debt and unable to work. In these situations, workers' compensation is available to help government employees in New York that have been injured in a workplace accident.

Worker entitled to workers' compensation after stress at work

New York work environments can be dangerous- everyone knows construction zones and certain factories have inherent physical risks to workers. In these environments, workplace accidents can easily occur if proper safety precautions are not taken. When a workplace accident occurs, workers' compensation is available to help cover expenses incurred by the injury, including medical costs and lost wages.

Club fails to pay workers' compensation insurance - shut down

Federal and state regulations protect workers from unsafe working conditions. When accidents do happen, workers' compensation is available to help cover the costs incurred by the accident. In some situations, New York employers choose not to carry workers' compensation insurance and are unable to pay for their employee's medical conditions. In these situations, the employers can face a variety of punishments.