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Government Workers' Compensation Archives

Compensation following the death of a federal employee

Federal employees work hard to make sure their jobs are done correctly. Many of these jobs are central to keeping the federal government running properly, in New York and elsewhere. Without these workers, many every day Americans would see changes to their lives. However, many of these workers also risk their lives in order to do their jobs properly.

Can federal employees receive money for temporary disability?

Federal employees often work very hard at their jobs. Many play an intricate part in helping the federal government run. Without their hard work, many Americans would see an impact in their daily lives. While doing their jobs, however, many of these federal employees face difficult situations. They may suffer injuries in a workplace accident or succumb to an occupational illness. In these cases, federal employees need to understand their legal rights, including the right to compensation.

Public employees need workers' compensation too

Many New York workers work for private businesses. These workers are responsible for answering to their employers and following their rules and regulations. However, these private employees have legal rights. Employers must follow certain safety guidelines and provide benefits when workplace accidents occur. In most cases, private employees are entitled to workers' compensation following a workplace injury.

How common are injures to public employees?

Many people in New York work for government agencies. These governmental agencies can be at the local level, state-level or federal level. No matter where a person works, that person can be exposed to risks that can lead to a workplace injury. Governmental workers are not immune from workplace accidents and serious injuries.

The New York Public Employees Safety and Health Bureau's role

There are a variety of different types of employees in New York. There are individuals who work for private organizations and have little or no contact with government agencies. However, there are also individuals who work for the state or for various government organizations within the state.

Government workers in New York should protect their rights

Federal and state employees in New York work hard to do their jobs in an effective manner. Like private employees, government workers are responsible for carrying out a variety of important jobs. Without these workers, many essential tasks would not be completed throughout the state. In some situations, federal workers put their lives on the line in order to get their jobs done. When this happens, there are bound to be workplace injuries. An on the job injury can have serious effects for workers and their families.

Federal agencies and workplace safety

Much like private workers, government employees face dangers on the job. Many work in dangerous situations all of the time. These individuals understand that they are putting their own safety on the line in order to do their jobs. Even if a person's job is not overtly dangerous, workplace accidents still occur that can result in injuries to government officials.

Worker denied benefits after fall at work in New York

Much like private sector employees, public employees face a variety of challenges at work. In some cases, these public employees put their lives on the line in order to do their jobs. They risk their own personal safety for the benefit of others. When an accident occurs, certain benefits may be available to public workers to help cover the cost of damage caused by the accident.

Government workers can protect their interests after accidents

When people think about the state or federal government, they likely think of them as the bodies that make the rules. It is the government that is responsible for making many of the workplace safety rules, for example, that New York employers must abide by. Therefore, many people may not think of workplace accidents and government workers going hand in hand. However, just because the government makes the rules, doesn't mean that employees are immune from workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

Federal workers' compensation and the flu

When people think of workplace accidents, they may think about serious injuries. For example, people may think about the loss of a limb, a serious head injury or a broken bone, when asked to think about a situation where someone is hurt at work. While in many cases, these serious injuries do occur in New York, these are not the only time a worker is forced to leave work because the person is harmed. In some cases, occupational diseases can cause as much harm as an injury-causing accident.

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