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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Worker injured by falling cinderblock in New York

Construction workers across the state of New York are responsible for building and maintaining physical structures. Without their work many people would be without homes, jobs and adequate public amenities. Whether it is road construction, residential construction or commercial construction, these workers risk their lives to ensure that New Yorkers have safe, effective buildings and structures.

Construction accidents cause more than just physical harm

A construction accident can happen on any construction site. With the slip of the tool, or one careless mistake, serious injuries can occur. Sometimes, these injuries occur without fault to anyone at all. The nature of construction work makes it very dangerous and most construction workers understand that risks are an inherent part of the job.

Do nail guns pose safety threats to construction workers?

Construction workers throughout New York use a variety of dangerous tools in order to get the job done. These tools help speed up the construction process and can take away some of the hard work the construction workers would otherwise need to do manually. In fact, some New York construction projects would not be able to get off the ground without the use of heavy machinery.

When unsafe conditions lead to an accident, know your rights

Construction sites in New York can be extremely dangerous. Even under the best conditions, construction equipment is large and comes with the potential for accidents. Even when the equipment is being used correctly and safety procedures are in place, construction sites just have inherent risks.

Unsafe conditions lead to worker injury in New York

Workers in New York need to know that they will be safe when they go to work. If people don't feel safe, they won't be able to work effectively. However, many individuals go to work when safety guidelines are not properly followed. They risk their health and well-being in order to collect their paycheck. This unfortunate reality has led to many injuries, and even deaths, throughout the state.

Construction worker seriously injured without safety equipment

New York employers are responsible for providing proper safety equipment to workers. This is especially important for those working in dangerous fields. Construction workers, in particular, need specialized equipment to keep them safe on the job. This equipment can help prevent workplace accidents and unnecessary injuries.

Do women in construction work face unique challenges?

When people think about the construction industry, they may think about a male-driven industry. Typically, men have dominated the construction work force. However, there is a small percentage of construction workers in the United States that are women. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around nine percent of construction workers throughout the nation are female. This equals around 800,000 women across the nation.

Getting construction workers the compensation they deserve

Construction workers in New York are a driving force in the economy. Construction workers allow businesses to expand into new buildings, allow people to have a place to live and ensure that local roadways and highways are safe. Without construction workers, new construction projects would not be possible and existing structures would fall into disrepair. In order to do their jobs, construction workers put their safety at risk on a daily basis.

Preventing back-over construction accidents in New York

Construction workers in New York face a variety of different hazards on the job. One hazard comes from the large machinery and motor vehicles moving around the job site. These include semi-trucks, dump trucks, forklifts and more. These vehicles pose the risk of back-over accidents for workers.

Construction site collapse injures two New York workers

Construction season is in full swing throughout New York State. Construction workers are working every day to improve the state's roads, buildings and other infrastructure before the long, cold winter. While this construction can cause traffic delays and other headaches, without construction workers the state would quickly fall into disrepair.

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