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The risks of agricultural work

As the summer is ending for many New Yorkers, their work load is starting to increase. Schools are back in session, vacations are over and people are preparing for the long winter ahead. Perhaps, however, the busiest workers this fall will be agricultural workers. As the summer comes to a close, the harvest will intensify.

Workers throughout New York work in agricultural settings throughout the year. These workers are often put at great risk during the course of their work. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, agricultural workers face some of the most serious dangers of all professions.

These dangers can result in serious workplace injuries and even death. These dangers include musculoskeletal injuries, exposure to dangerous chemicals, hearing loss, pulmonary problems and more. The CDC claims that the most frequent cause of death among agricultural workers is from tractor rollovers. In fact, a variety of the heavy machinery that these workers are exposed to can cause serious injuries. Sprains and strains are also common among these types of workers.

No one working on a farm or other agricultural setting is immune from these injuries. The CDC estimates that 167 agricultural workers suffer injuries that require time away from work each day across the country. Of these injuries, five percent are serious enough to cause permanent issues for the workers.

When workers are injured on the job -- in any sector -- they have legal rights. In many cases, workers are entitled to workers' compensation to help cover the expenses related to the workplace accident. These expenses can include lost wages and medical costs. An attorney can help people determine if they qualify for this compensation.

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