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Are teens safe around tractors?

Recently, this blog discussed the many risks and dangers faced by agricultural workers in New York. Working on a farm can be a dangerous job for many. As previously mentioned, these risks come a variety of sources including dangerous chemicals, grain sheds, animals, outdoor elements and heavy machinery.

Teens, in particular, are at great risk while performing agricultural work. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration many teens even die due to injuries suffered while performing agricultural work.

One source of danger for these teens comes from tractors. Data shows that up to 23 percent of fatalities of teen agricultural workers resulted from an accident with a tractor. Many of the accidents may be due to the immaturity of teen operators. The law, therefore, prohibits teens under age 16 from operating this equipment.

OSHA claims that additional safety measures should also be taken to ensure that teens are safe on tractors. These include using the proper safety equipment while operating a tractor. This safety equipment includes non-slip shoes, ear protection and proper clothing.

Teens should also be properly trained to use the tractor. The tractor should be well maintained and checked before and after use. Teens should also make sure to give their full attention to operating the vehicle.

In most cases, employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are safe -- this includes teens. When a workplace accident occurs, workers of all ages should know their legal rights. This often includes the right to workers' compensation. This compensation can be vital after serious workplace injuries occur. An attorney can give people specific legal advice following a workplace injury.

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