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May 2014 Archives

New York postal workers threatened by dog bites

All New York employees have the potential to suffer from a workplace accident -- governmental employees are no different. Government employees -- such as police officers, firefighters and postal workers -- all take risks on the job to complete their work. While some jobs are more dangerous than others, the potential for a workplace accident exists at any time.

New York loses billions over workplace injuries

Many New York residents may be surprised to learn just how many workplace injuries occur each year in the state. A new report has released recent numbers and they are staggering. According to the report, 463,400 work-related injuries occurred among private employees in New York State from 2010 to 2012. These injuries cost the state's economy $10.9 billion during that same time. Of the injuries that occurred between 2010 and 2012, more than 245,000 of the injuries resulted in time away from work for an employee.

Report highlights dangers to New York construction workers

In late April New York celebrated Workers' Memorial Day. On April 28, each year, people stop to remember the workers who were killed on the job the previous year. Not only is it a time for people to grieve, but it is also a time for people to call for an end to deadly workplace accidents.

OSHA to inspect New York farms for safety violations

New York farmers provide an important service to the people of New York State. However, these farms also have a duty to keep their employees safe as they work. In order to ensure that farmers are following regulations, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will begin conducting random inspections of farms in New York State.