A workplace accident can occur at any workplace without much warning. In a split second something can go wrong and leave a person with serious workplace injuries.

For one New York man, this has been his unfortunate reality. The man, from New York, had to be relocated following Hurricane Sandy last fall. In February, the man was at a new job at a masonry company when a workplace accident occurred. In the incident, the man lost eight of his fingers.

Following an investigation by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the company the man worked for has been fined $6,000. According to OSHA, the company violated safety regulations which required the company to provide more safety measures. OSHA says that it was an unguarded wire that caused the injuries to the man in the first place. Had these regulations been followed, the man may not have suffered such serious injuries.

Without eight of his fingers, this man may never be able to work again. When a workplace accident leaves people permanently disabled, workers’ compensation is available to the injured workers. Workers’ compensation helps to pay for medical expenses and rehabilitative costs; however, it also helps to cover wages lost by injured workers. These payments can help keep families from financial ruin following a workplace accident.

When New York workers suffer injuries to their hands, arms, feet or legs, the workers’ compensation system has very specific requirements that must be met before benefits are disbursed. Furthermore, in order to prove these injuries, specific documentation is required. Those workers who have suffered injuries to their feet, legs, hands or arms should make sure they understand their legal rights to compensation and what they need to do to get it.

Source: Hartford Business Journal, “New Milford outfit fined after worker injured,” May 9, 2013