Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Lawyer

1. If your first meeting with your Workers Compensation Lawyer takes place at your hearing, you may be short changing yourself. You wouldn't want the initial consultation with you surgeon to be in the operating room, would you? If you are hurt on the job, your future earnings may be severely limited. Preparation, coordination, documentation, and review with your attorney are essential for a favorable outcome to your case. Do not go to your Workers Compensation Board hearing without first conferring with a qualified Workman's Compensation lawyer.

2. Selecting a qualified local attorney gives you the opportunity meet face-to-face and discuss the details of your case. Together, we can assess the strength of your case. Your lawyer will advise you about how to document your claim, and the proper steps by which these documents may be obtained. At the Silverman Law Firm, we meet individually with each of our clients prior to their hearing; we go to great lengths to be prepared for every hearing.

3. Some Workman's Comp claims drag on for years. Our office in Schenectady NY provides easy access to individuals within the Capital Region throughout the claim process. We believe that every client should have the ability to consult with their attorney, anytime, for any reason, without an appointment. This is our policy at the Silverman Law Firm. Whether over the telephone or in person, we are always available to talk about your case at your convenience.

4. As a local firm, we are experienced in handling Workers Compensation Disability claims at each of the local hearing boards located in Menands, NY and Glens Falls, NY. We understand the policies & procedures of the local administrative judges in the area. The Silverman Law Firm has more 30 years of experience in handing Social Security Disability claims in the Capital Region. If your claim is in Albany County, Schenectady County, Rensselaer County, or Saratoga County, or anywhere in upstate New York, we can help you.

5. If you think you have a claim, do NOT wait to speak with a qualified, local Workman's Compensation Disability lawyer. However, even if your case is scheduled for tomorrow, The Silverman Law Firm can assist you. While advance notice is preferable, our attorney's appear every day at local Comp Board hearings. We can appear on your behalf with very little notice if necessary. If your court date is drawing near, don't hire a firm from outside the area, call the Silverman Law Firm TODAY.

6. The Silverman Law Firm has decades of experience representing claimants before the Social Security Administration and the Workers Compensation Board. We have experience with local Doctors and medical professionals throughout the area. This includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, therapists, psychologists and more. We understand how medical professionals in our region document levels of disability and impairment. We are familiar with those Doctors who can provide the details needed to document your case. Only a local Law Firm can offer the advantage of understanding how local administrative law judges view responses from local treating physicians. At the Silverman Law Firm we have decades of experience in preparing cases just like yours.

7. At the Silverman Law Firm, we thoroughly review each case in its entirety, particularly with regard to Workers' Compensation offset issues. Are you familiar with your ACE? With your PIA? Probably not but we will be - and it can be very important.

8. Deciding on a proper onset date can be critical. We can review the medical reports, review your initial denial, review your work history and determine a proper onset date to increase your chances of success.

9. Your Workers Compensation claim is important; it helps to have a well established, local attorney with a reputation for integrity. The Silverman Law Firm has earned the trust and respect of the local courts and hearing boards.

10. If you need to discuss your case, even years after your hearing, call us. The Silverman Law Firm is here to stay! As your local attorney we are available even after your case has concluded.

Do you need a local lawyer? Contact us today.