"Very satisfied with their efforts. Handled very professionally and always available for direct contact. The best part was communication, keeping us up to date. Would definitely recommend Silverman Law." P.S.

"Extremely patient with me and I never would have been able to go forward without you. You have explained everything to me in detail and have offered suggestions on how to proceed. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs representation for a work injury." N.B.

"Very happy with this firm. You are there when we need you and you have high expertise and are very qualified. Made the best choice in asking for your assistance." S.M.

"Very pleased with the fact that you have been with me since the beginning over a decade ago. No matter what the issue you were there on my side and always kept me informed on where we were and where we were headed. I feel very confident with you guys on my side and I would highly recommend you to other injured workers." D.C.

"Everything you are doing is what is needed and we are so very happy and I would recommend anyone else to the Silverman Firm. You have been with us for over 20 years and we still rely on your services and advice." J.W.

"Reliable. Right there with the answers. Get immediate response. You have been my lawyers for 17 years and I still rely on you for support and answers. Your staff makes me feel comfortable and I hope to stay with you till the end. Highly recommended." M.N.

"You are very truthful and helpful. You are there to answer my question and are easy to contact. Been with you guys for 15 years and you are still there for me when I need help. Would recommend you highly." D.D.

"You guys have always been exemplary to me. The service is prompt. You're the best. Couldn't ask for better." J.L.

"I have received far better advice throughout this entire process than I did with our previous lawyers. You have stuck with us and have answered all our questions and have kept us up to date as to where we stood and what we needed to do to avoid further challenges from the insurance company. Highly recommended." M.B.

"Above and beyond anything I expected. The office staff is superb. Responsive and they seem to know who to contact to get things done. I would definitely recommend Silverman Law." C.C.

"You guys have been awesome with me throughout the entire 20 years. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do. Thank you so very much for all your efforts. Your staff has been superb." C.W.

"You have always been there since my husband died 13 years ago. You have provided guidance since we won the case and have presented to me the plusses and minuses of settling but I knew whatever I decided you would be there to support me in the future. Thanks for being there both at the beginning and for the last 13 years." J.S.

"Very helpful. Took care of my case superbly. Always there to answer questions and help me see the big picture including Social Security and Workers' Comp. Great to know there is someone to call and get a call back. Keep it up. Thanks." D.K.

"Case went fast. Good communications with me. Would call me to tell me they had nothing to tell me just to stay in contact. Very professional and kept me in the loop at all times." B.S.

"Very thorough. Responded to all my needs. Put my mind at ease. Explains "things well". Would highly recommend this firm." L.D.

"Love how you guys respond to quick questions, return phone calls in a prompt manner. Your whole office is so friendly on the phone. They never make me feel like I'm interrupting something. Thank you so much for everything." J.B.

"As long as I have been with the firm I have been treated with respect and like I am human and important. Other firms don't always do that. You have been there for me at every moment. Great law firm." D.D.

"What I like most about Silverman Law is the availability of the attorneys to discuss my case with me. They always put me through to one of the attorneys or then call me back. The comp stuff is complicated and they go out of their way to explain the status of my case each time I call. Highly recommended." A.S.

"They did great for me and kept in touch with me. Answered all my questions. They have a great policy of clients always talking to an attorney when they call. Settlement of my case is moving along very well. Would highly recommend them." A.K.

"You guys are the best, the very best. We have been together for 15 years. I refer everyone who is hurt to you. You're not like my old attorneys, you are there for us. You get the job done." R.R.

"Every time I call you guys are there for me. I haven't even met you since it works out much better for me to do everything by phone but you are always available and responsive to my needs. Great decision in having you on my side." H.H.

"I know I will always be contacted and you guys are going as fast as possible. The problems are the delays within the system but you have been with me to explain what is going on and to listen to my problems. I could not have done this on my own." B.L.

"Did a great job with my shoulder case. Still working on my elbow and hand case with a different carrier. There have been appeals and everything has gotten very confusing which is why I am glad that I have competent attorneys to help me sort this out. The comp system is a mess. Don't go it alone." M.B.

"Very satisfied with their efforts. Handled very professionally and always available for direct contact. The best part was communication, keeping us up to date. Would definitely recommend Silverman Law." P.S.

"Extremely patient with me and I never would have been able to go forward without you. You have explained everything to me in detail and have offered suggestions on how to proceed. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs representation for a work injury." N.B.

"Very happy with this firm. You are there when we need you and you have high expertise and are very qualified. Made the best choice in asking for your assistance." S.M.

"I don't know where I would be if I didn't have you as my attorneys. You were recommended to me by other attorneys and you did everything you could to help me. It's been 25 years and you still take my calls as though I was a new client. Communication is so very important and I have always felt that you kept me up to date even when we faced problems (which you were able to solve). I would recommend you to anyone requiring representation for comp or SSD." B.B.

"Silverman Silverman and Seligman has represented me since 1999 on an injury I suffered in 1998 to my right arm. As a result of that injury I have undergone various surgeries and have had significant interactions with the insurance carrier. My lawyers have been able to get me classified with a permanent disability which is unusual in a shoulder injury case. Without that particular finding I would no longer be receiving benefits. Thanks to their intervention and continuous support I am now in a position to settle my claim for a monetary award. The attorneys have always been available for me to speak with, and though there is more than one attorney on staff, they all seem to be up-to-date on my file. I would not have been able to get to where I am without their assistance and the assistance of their excellent staff. I would recommend them to anyone seeking representation for a work-related injury." J. M.

"Earlier today I stopped in at Silverman law to discuss an issue regarding settlement of my claim. I did not have a scheduled appointment but the policy at Silverman Law is that if an attorney is available they will meet with you or speak with you by phone notwithstanding. The attorneys have always been available to respond to my questions, have provided me with straightforward thinking and logical explanations, and have kept me in the decision-making process as we have gone along. Thanks to their efforts my case has proceeded smoothly which is a primary objective. I have referred other clients to their office and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend them if you suffer any type of a personal or work related injury." J. S.

"In April of 2001 I was crushed between two vehicles. I had the good fortune to find the excellent law offices of Silverman, Silverman & Seligman PC to handle my comp case. They were quick, on top of everything, and always made sure that my needs were met. I would and have recommended Silverman Law to anyone who needs representation. They work for you and with you.
John L.

"I have been very, very satisfied with the work that firm has done for me since 1993. Workers' Comp can be very confusing and the insurance carrier always had a representative present. I am very glad that I did. I have and will continue to recommend the firm to anyone I know."
Albert M.

"Sunny Lee was very supportive as she sat with me before my social security hearing to help me stay calm and collected. She was able to present all the necessary information during the hearing in a manner that was clearly approved by the Administrative Law Judge. She had a great rapport with the ALJ and that couldn't have hurt! Thank you Silverman Law.
Wanda H.

"I want to say that I am very satisfied with your services. Every time I ran into a problem and contacted your office it was resolved. This is a complicated process and you helped me through it. I would highly recommend you to others in need of an attorney for Workers' Comp.
Nancy H.

"I am extremely satisfied with Silverman Law. They have represented me on two separate claims and should I be unlucky enough to have other accidents, they will represent me in those cases also. I have recommended them highly to anyone I know in need of an attorney to handle a workers' comp or social security matter.
Wilfred D.

"When my husband died in an occupational injury Silverman Law provided the support and direction that the family needed in obtaining workers' compensation benefits and was instrumental in the successful settlement of a law suit that arose out of the accident. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to work with each of the attorneys and it has always gone very well. They have been there for us and succeeded in getting us maximum benefits with the least amount of distress. I would highly recommend Silverman Law to anyone injured in a work related accident.
Ruth C.

"You've done nothing but help me from the beginning. A compensation case can go in many directions and get mired down without moving forward. Silverman Law is able to step back and review the entire procedure, and more importantly, how it will interact with my claim for SSD and a possible law suit. It is of little benefit if benefits received in one forum are deducted from the amount received in another. It all has to fit and with the help of Silverman Law, I was able to get an excellent settlement.
Patrick G.

"Compensation cases are long procedures and the attorneys and staff of Silverman Law helped me tremendously to get through the process. When things are going well, it is easy but when obstacles show up, and they will, having Silverman Law on my side made all the difference. Recently the case came together and Silverman Law was able to negotiate a very nice settlement. Contracts have been signed and we are awaiting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. I would highly recommend Silverman Law.
Helen P.

"I was injured on the job in 1991 and retained Silverman Law (then Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C.) in 1992. For the last 17 years they have represented me on my claim before the Workers' Comp Board and many years later they represented me in my claim for Social Security Disability which was initially denied. After appearing before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge they were successful in reversing the decision so that I was granted SSD benefits. Now it is 2009 and I am having additional problems and have recently had additional surgery as a result of my 1992 work injury. Silverman Law will be with me again. I have referred other injured workers to their office and will continue to do so.
Marilyn B.

"I learned that you were developing a new web page and that you were including testimonials and I very much want to be included. As is common, I have had more than one injury on the job and there will always be a debate as to who is responsible for what. Getting approval for medical treatment is so important. Silverman Law has been there on my side since day one and they are still helping me as I undergo additional treatment, some of which was initially denied by the carrier. I am very happy to recommend Silverman Law.
Ann C.

"I suffered a work accident and injured various parts of my body. While the carrier accepted part of my claim they fought other parts. There were a number of complex issues and the insurance carrier is ALWAYS represented. I understand that the law actually REQUIRES the carrier to be represented. It is a mistake to go in against them without your own attorney. Silverman Law was with me all the way and succeeded in getting the benefits and treatment that I was entitled to. We are settling my case at a higher amount than I had anticipated. I would definitely use Silverman law again and recommend that others do so also.
John L.